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Hybrid utilizes an integrated systematized approach to parking based on our collective and deep understanding of efficient parking concepts, building technologies, passive security, sustainability, energy efficiency, materials, and details. Utilizing the best value that different materials can offer in conjunction with the optimal parking program tailored for each client’s unique challenge results in Hybrid Parking Garages that are more cost effective, durable and patron friendly than systems based solely on vendor manufacturing requirements.

We recognize that your project’s goals are defined by you, the owner, and we work in partnership with you to design and construct parking of the highest value to you, your employees, and parking patrons.

Fast Track Integrated Design Build and Design Bid Build Parking Delivery Examples:

EMD Serono Campus Parking Garage

Billerica, MA

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to Campus Expansion with ongoing operations

The Promenade @ The Foundry Parking Garage

Providence, RI

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to urban residential adaptive reuse development

The Batch Yard Parking Garage

Everett, MA

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to urban high-density residential development

360 State Street South Parking Garage

New Haven, CT

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to LEED platinum success on complex inner city site

JetBlue Airways Parking Structure – Yellow Garage

JFK International Airport: Queens, NY

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage leads to 25% cost savings and 25% schedule savings achieved through integrated & intelligent design build.

Saint Anne’s Hospital Employee Parking Garage

Fall River, MA

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage critical to Hospital’s Expansion site enabling & employee Parking

Christina Landing Parking Garage

Wilmington, DE

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage easily accommodates design changes and pool on roof deck

AT&T Hybrid Garage Time Lapse

1500 Cars Delivered In Less than 150 days

Hybrid Parking Garages on

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