JetBlue Airways Parking Structure - Yellow Garage

John F. Kennedy International Airport: Queens, New York

25% cost savings and 25% schedule savings achieved through the intelligent design of JetBlue's JFK terminal Hybrid Parking Garage

JFK JetBlue Yellow Hybrid Parking Garage Design Build










The JetBlue Airways Parking Structure is an example of how the Hybrid team can evaluate an owner's wants and deliver the best value to ensure the success of your project.   Our team worked closely with the overall team to revise the original structural system, footprint, and column grid to facilitate fabrication of the structural steel and precast components.  Doing so provided significant savings in cost, time, and construction efforts.  The JetBlue success story also highlights the benefits of our team’s utilizing BIM technology to its fullest advantage.  Through our BIM platform, we were able to “build the garage before it was built” thus enable the client to identify and eliminate any potential conflicts before the construction commenced.

This 650,000 square foot, six-level Hybrid parking garage for JetBlue provides parking for over 1,500 vehicles and services JetBlue Airways’ expanding Terminal 5 operations at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. In order to maintain the projects fast track delivery date and to allow for the required additional utilities, the existing utilities were not relocated prior to construction. Despite efforts by the owners program manager and the Port Authority of NY NJ, considerable conflicts with existing underground utilities resulted in approximately fifty percent of the foundations being in conflict with existing utilities requiring the foundations be redesigned “on the fly” during construction.

Close coordination with the many sub-contractors was key in order to keep pile-driving and construction operations going as the foundation structural redesign was being done in real-time. By utilizing our in house BIM technology, in conjunction with the steel and precast manufactures, the team was able to accurately layout and re-design the project foundations and superstructure relative to the known and realized existing conditions. The modeling also aided in the steel and precast integration facilitating the projects overall schedule and to reduce conflicts.

Many large and small scale changes were made to the original approved Hybrid garage design; including the relocation of the main elevator core location to obtain significant schedule benefit. Close coordination with owner’s team of professionals and a commitment to the team’s complete success was paramount to our team.  By working together… attacking problems… being proactive… staying proactive and striving for excellence the project was completed on time and under budget!   

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