Attend a Lunch and Learn Seminar

lunchandlearn resized 600We look forward to coming in and talking to your team about parking garages. Let's schedule a Lunch and Learn Seminar.

Hybrid Parking Garages Design and Construction

We offer a comprehensive overview of the parking industry and the intrinsic value of Hybrid Parking Garages. 

A complimentary copy of our presentation, in power point, and one set of related publications will be provided to you upon completion of the presentation.

Presentations typically are one (1) hour long in duration and include a complimentary meal.


  • A general overview of parking

Define...  Design... and Deliver a Hybrid Garage:

  • Planning and Feasibility Considerations
  • Order of Magnitude Cost Estimating
  • Benefits of Hybrid
  • Sustainable Design
  • Hybrid Aesthetics
  • Solutions in Steel
  • Automated Parking
  • Durability and Maintenance

Set of Complimentary Publications for your office:

  • Hybrid Parking Garages Presentation - "Building Tomorrows Parking Garage"
  • Success in Steel Framed Parking Structures (AISC)
  • Innovations in Steel Parking Structures around the World (AISC)
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Parking Structures (American Galvanizers Association/International Zinc Association)

The Hybrid Parking Garages Team

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