What We Do

What Makes HYBRID Different?

What makes HYBRID different is that we specialize in parking.

We create quality parking for you based on your specific goals and with all of the resources in place for a seamless delivery.

With the ultimate goal of designing and delivering parking garages of the highest quality and long-term value, HYBRID's staff works closely with all team members – owner, architect, engineer, construction manager, vendor, consultant and operator.   Our experience has been that collaboration and a close alignment of goals, always yields the best result.  We value the input of all contributors to the process, ensuring that all key issues are uncovered and addressed. 

Regardless of your role on the project team, we will work with you in partnership to pin-point issues and accurately identify the right action plan.

HYBRID offers a SEAMLESS RANGE of a' la carte SERVICES Including:

  • Parking Garage Integrated Design Build Delivery

  • Parking Garage Component Integrated Design Build Delivery
  • Parking Garage Consulting & Planning

  • Parking Garage Cost Estimating & Budget Review

  • Parking Garage Feasibility Studies & Permit Assistance

  • Parking Garage Engineering & Design of Record

  • High Density Automated Parking Racking Integrated Design Build Delivery

  • Turnkey Temporary Relocatable Parking for Purchase or Lease
       ReloPark Temporary & Movable Parking