Saint Anne's Hospital Employee Parking Garage

Fall River, MA

Hybrid Parking Garage key for Hospital's Expansion site enabling employee Parking Relocation

Saint Anne's Hospital Employee Hybrid Parking Garage

In order for Saint Anne’s Hospital to rapidly expand its current services to patrons, the existing employee parking had to be relocated quickly, as did site enabling, to allow for construction of the new hospital services additions adjacent to the existing hospital.  Hybrid was selected to provide a variety of both parking and construction services to facilitate the delivery of a multi-storied garage rapidly within the owner’s limited parking budget.   Hybrid’s tailored and collaborative approach to parking delivery achieves optimal value according to each client’s unique needs, budget, challenges and use. 

The task assigned to the team was to provide Saint Anne’s Hospital with an affordable, efficient, durable and fast track design/build solution for a multi-storied employee garage on a tight urban site.  Working in tandem with the owner’s agent (First Bristol Corporation), the general contractor (Suffolk Construction Company) and the campus architect (SBA), our team was able to conceive, develop, design, permit and deliver the new garage seamlessly from conception to turnover.  Working together, from the earliest stages of project conception, enabled all team members to easily remain focused on completely achieving the owner’s objectives of durability, speed and affordability.

Saint Anne’s Hospital construction program involves the building of a new entrance on Middle Street which gives emergency walk-in patients and families direct access to all emergency services.  Valued at over $35 Million, the current work increases two-fold the emergency room capacity of Saint Anne’s by providing 27 treatment rooms or areas, including 23 private treatment rooms, and  two trauma/cardiac treatment areas.  Saint Anne’s Hospital is a member of Steward Health Care which has announced the opening of several new components of its Emergency Department-Operating Room project.  The final phases of the construction will follow concurrently after the garage is complete.

Saint Anne’s Hospital is a community hospital with comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care services, serving adults and children in southeastern Massachusetts and nearby Rhode Island. Founded in 1906 by the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, Saint Anne's Hospital is a member of Steward Health Care, the largest fully integrated community care organization in New England.

With eight offices nationwide servicing all markets, Hybrid Parking Garages offers institutional, commercial, residential clients, and public agencies creative parking solutions focused on each client’s unique challenges and  the delivery of real value and cost savings.  Since the Hybrid approach is not based on a pre-established system, the design build team was able to deliver the optimal solution tailored uniquely to the needs of Saint Anne’s Hospital within the larger context of the larger project.