Christina Landing Parking Garage

Wilmington, DE

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage easily accommodates design changes and pool on roof deck

.Christina Landing Hybrid Parking Garage

The parking structure at Christina Landing located in Wilmington, Delaware is an example of the Hybrid Parking Garage team’s successfully working within tight budget and schedule constraints to deliver an optimal parking solution – one that capitalizes on all design opportunities and unique site characteristics.

The Hybrid team first redesigned the existing all-precast parking garage plan.  This redesign to a hybrid system resulted in significant cost savings while also shaving months from the schedule.  Further, the structural steel frame and precast concrete deck redesign best met the overall project uses, programming and site considerations. 

The turn-key solution provided at Christina Landing also maintained the architectural intent of the original design, such as use of metal screening material and other architectural details included to echo the waterfront location.  Construction and delivery considerations also had to be taken into consideration.  The parking structure was redesigned to accommodate portions of the foundation system which had already been constructed for the original design.  The constraints of an urban site and aggressive construction schedule were ideal for the prefabricated solution proposed by the Hybrid team. 

The completed 150,000 square feet, eight-level parking structure at Christina Landing includes a swimming pool roof and a terrace level that services the adjacent residential towers.  In the final analysis, our team was proud to be able to exceed the owner’s expectations with regard to all key measures – project cost, quality and on-time completion.  This was accomplished through Hybrid Parking Garage’s team of professionals delivering a carefully thought out redesign that was completely unique to the characteristics of the Christina Landing development and its owner’s specific goals. 

The Christina Landing success story exemplifies the Hybrid Parking Garage commitment to every owner: through critical thinking and careful evaluation of all factors, we will design and deliver a parking solution for you that is optimal, enduring and based on every-day experience with parking structures of every system and design.