360 State Street South Parking Garage

New Haven, CT

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to LEED platinum success on complex inner city site


The professionals at Hybrid Parking Garages recognize that your project goals ultimately are defined by you the owner.  We help you shape these goals through an understanding of the latest advancements in building technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency.  Our team works with you to design and construct for today and for generations to come.  360 State Street, located in downtown New Haven, is Connecticut’s largest residential project and the first to achieve LEED Platinum status.  The South Garage is a six-story, 125,000 square foot structure adjacent to a 31-story residential tower. It houses a grocery store on the street level, supports a swimming pool, planters, and a terrace on its roof, and provides one-third of the 500 parking spaces for the development on the levels in between.

The South Garage is tied to a six-story cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete podium. Designed by others, the podium was partially complete before the South Garage design team was brought on board for this critical piece of the overall development. This late award presented the design-build team with a number of coordination challenges. The fast-track schedule required that the garage design conform to the previously installed deep foundation system. In addition, detailing and fabrication of the Hybrid superstructure had to begin before the facade design was complete by the architect. Utilizing the inherent advantages of a Hybrid Garage and working within the established parameters provisions were made by the design build garage team during design, manufacture and installation of the garage to easily accommodate the projects constraints.  Even with the challenges of a late award and the constraints placed on the team, the Hybrid Garage provided both significant cost savings to the overall project cost while shaving a total of eight months off the projects construction schedule.