Project Case Studies

360 State Street South Parking Garage

New Haven, CT

Pre-manufactured Hybrid Parking Garage key to LEED platinum on complex inner city site

360 State Street Parking Garage

The professionals at Hybrid Parking Garages recognize that your project goals ultimately are defined by you the owner.  We help you shape these goals through an understanding of the latest advancements in building technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency.  Our team works with you to design and construct for today and for generations to come.  360 State Street, located in downtown New Haven, is Connecticut’s largest residential project and the first to achieve LEED Platinum status.  The South Garage is a six-story, 125,000 square foot structure adjacent to a 31-story residential tower. It houses a grocery store on the street level, supports a swimming pool, planters, and a terrace on its roof.

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JetBlue Airways Parking Structure - Yellow Garage

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Queens, New York

25% cost savings & 25% schedule savings achieved through intelligent design

JFK JetBlue Yellow Hybrid Parking Garage Design Build

The JetBlue Airways Parking Structure is an example of how the Hybrid team can evaluate an owners wants and deliver the best value to ensure the success of your project.   Our team worked closely with the overall team to revise the original structural system, footprint, and column grid to facilitate fabrication of the structural steel and precast components.  Doing so provided significant savings in cost, time, and construction efforts.  The JetBlue success story also highlights the benefits of our team’s utilizing BIM technology to its fullest advantage.  Through our BIM platform, we were able to “build the garage before it was built” thus enable the client to identify and eliminate any potential conflicts before the construction commenced.

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Saint Anne's Hospital Employee Parking Garage

Fall River, MA

Hybrid Parking Garage key for Hospital's Growth by providing affordable and durable employee Parking

Saint Anne's Hospital

In order for Saint Anne’s Hospital to rapidly expand its current services to patrons, the existing employee parking had to be relocated quickly, as did site enabling, to allow for construction of the new hospital services additions adjacent to the existing hospital. Hybrid was selected to provide a variety of both parking and construction services to facilitate the delivery of a multi-storied garage rapidly within the owner’s limited parking budget. Hybrid’s tailored and collaborative approach to parking delivery achieves optimal value according to each client’s unique needs, budget, challenges and use. 


Christina Landing Parking Garage

Wilmington, DE

Hybrid Parking Garageimage2 key to redesign and pool on roof deck

The parking structure at Christina Landing located in Wilmington, Delaware is an example of the Hybrid Parking Garage team’s successfully working within tight budget and schedule constraints to deliver an optimal parking solution – one that capitalizes on all design opportunities and unique site characteristics.

The Hybrid team first redesigned the existing all-precast parking garage plan. This redesign to a hybrid system resulted in significant cost savings while also shaving months from the schedule. Further, the structural steel frame and precast concrete deck redesign best met the overall project uses, programming and site considerations.