Who We Are

After years of independent and joint delivery of parking garages BERLIN STEEL CONSTRUCTION and           SIMON DESIGN ENGINEERING have combined efforts to form HYBRID PARKING GARAGES

HYBRID offers parking owners creative and alternative parking solutions focused on the CERTAINTY OF REAL VALUE AND COST SAVINGS.  Since the HYBRID approach is not based on a pre-established system, HYBRID can focus on lowering owners parking costs starting from initial planning and then match a specific solution to each CLIENT'S UNIQUE NEEDS.

Working in conjunction with the owner’s design and construction teams, with all resources necessary within our control, HYBRID provides a truly integrated and SYSTEMIZED APPROACH to parking based on our collective and deep understanding of materials.  Utilizing the best value that different materials can offer, HYBRID PARKING GARAGES are more cost effective and durable than systems based solely on vendor manufacturing requirements.

Combining financial stability ($100,000.000.00 Bonding Capacity) with the COLLECTIVE PARKING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE of our well established firms provides our clients with both an economical and streamlined delivery of their parking across all phases of the asset delivery.

HYBRID's Management Team

Principals, David Hunt, Alan Simon and Bill Wieners lead HYBRID PARKING GARAGES with vision, commitment and a sincere passion for the parking business.  They bring to the process deep respect for all project team members, and SHARE A FIRM BELIEF THAT COLLABORATION IS ESSENTIAL to achieve the highest levels of performance and the ULTIMATE SUCCESS OF EVERY PROJECT.

David Hunt - President, Berlin Steel Construction                                                                                                        Berlin Steel Construction Company Berlin CT

Dave Hunt, President and CEO of Berlin Steel Construction, where he has served for over twenty years at various executive levels.  Dave brings to the HYBRID team and its clients enduring values.  "We seek to continue the time–honored values of Integrity and quality workmanship exemplified by previous generations of employees since 1900. Berlin Steel conducts its business with respect for our suppliers, customers, and employees, while maintaining a reasonable return for all of our employee owners," says Dave.  Dave leads HYBRID PARKING GARAGES with a strong commitment to safety, quality, innovation, and cooperative working relationships.

Alan Simon, P.E. - President, Simon Design Engineering                                                                             Simon Design Engineering Wellesley MA

Alan Simon, Principal at Simon Design Engineering, is highly regarded in the industry for his perceptive and innovative approach to parking engineering and structural design. During the last thirty-five years his creativity and solutions-oriented approach has helped a broad range of clients with more than 75,000 parking spaces engineered for municipalities, educational institutions, and corporations. As HYBRID PARKING GARAGES  design team lead, Alan works directly and collaboratively with HYBRID's clients and all members of the project team to ensure the overall success of a project’s design and integrated construction programming.  Alan founded and was a principal of the firm Hybrid Parking Solutions, a company that focused on the design and construction of parking structures for private development as well as was Vice President of the structural engineering firm of Zaldastani Associates, Inc., a Boston-based company. 

William Wieners - Corporate Development                                                              Hybrid Parking Garages Kensington CT

Bill Wieners, Director of Corporate Development for HYBRID PARKING GARAGES is a 35-year veteran of the construction industry directly involved in the design, development, and construction of projects throughout the United States. His projects experience encompass Design Build, Design Bid Build, Construction Manager- Owners Agent and At Risk, Federal & Public Procurement (Lump Sum & Two Step), and Lump Sum General Contracting. Bill has been directly involved in the development, planning, costing, design, manufacture and construction of over $2 billion dollars worth of parking facilities. 


Eight Offices Nationwide Servicing the U.S. & Canada

                                    Phone:  781.591.5991                               Email:  Info@hybridparkinggarages.com                                                    

Address:          76 Depot Street           P.O. Box 428         Kensington, CT 06037


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